Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I wonder if it's possible to be truly free from attachment.  Being free from attachment means being unattached to any one particular outcome in a given situation.  Being disappointed is evidence that a person was attached to a particular outcome that did not come to fruition.

Yesterday I wanted to spend time with the special person in my life.  He told me he already had several obligations that afternoon.  I immediately felt disappointed.  I also felt a bit hurt, at least initially -- that was me wanting him to meet my need for attention.  The wonderful thing is that I IMMEDIATELY recognized what my ego was doing.  I still felt disappointed but I understood what was going on and allowed myself to simply feel what I was feeling.  The disappointment quickly dissipated.  Nevertheless, I was happy when he went out of his way to make some time to spend with me in between doing what he needed to do.  Is that attachment too?  Or is that enjoying the present moment?

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