Thursday, September 24, 2009

Brief thoughts

Just a couple of thoughts today -- When I say that something makes me happy does that mean that I need that thing in order to be happy?  Is it more appropriate to say that something "brings me happiness?"  Is the difference between the two just a matter of semantics?  And if something makes me happy then wouldn't my automatic response be to want to keep that thing and to be afraid to lose it?  I know when you are afraid to lose something it means that you are attached to it.  So when something makes me happy do I automatically become attached to it?  If so, then that leads me to wonder -- is it wrong for something to make me happy?


  1. well, since everything in the world is impermenant, it's probably a good idea not to "need" something in order to be happy. but i also think we can get too caught up in worries about attachment - which is another form of attachment.

    one thing that might be helpful is to recognize that nothing, not even your favorite person, event, place, or thing, will always bring you happiness. that's not to say we should push these things away, but to see that this kind of happiness is conditional.

    deeper, more lasting happiness and joy come from within, as far as I can tell. when i'm able to touch a little of that, then the presence or absence of the favored things isn't such a big deal.

    but of course, much of the time, i'm still looking around for what i like, and trying to push away what i don't. damn habits :)

  2. I hesitate to bring the word faith to the table, but in my own life it's been undeniable. As a photographer and a person who feels very deeply, this world is a devastatingly beautiful place and (most of the time) my spirit can't handle the depth of how I 'feel.' I should clarify, I meant the adjectives devastating and beautiful to be fairly separate although in an abstract way, they kinda work together! My day to day presence (happiness) sways amidst the highs and the lows, the beauty and the absolute suffering this world offers. Throughout though, that 'deeper, more lasting' joyfulness Nathan spoke of is found, unwavering, in my faith in God's promises.
    Love your blog! Thanks for the thought provoking posts! And thanks for the kind posts regarding my photography. It's my way celebrating the good things in this life, so your comments mean a lot!


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