Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Group therapy

The clinic I work in recently started a new two week therapy group for women who have had any kind of unwanted sexual experience.  Our medical director has talked about doing this for a while so I knew it was coming.  I was under the impression that we would start offering the group in January.  I was assigned two groups a few months back.  I was given discussion topics and encouraged to start thinking about content.  Apparently my boss decided at some point that the first two week session would begin December 2nd.  I somehow missed the memo.  (I appear to be the only one in the clinic who had no idea this was happening.  Logic suggests that we were all informed and I just wasn't paying attention).  Anyway, I had no idea until I got an email last week confirming the December 2nd start date.  I had given exactly zero thought as to the content of my assigned groups.  I printed out a few articles the day before Thanksgiving with the intention of coming up with something during the holiday.  Unfortunately, I went out of town and left the articles at home.

I spent a decent amount of time Monday coming up with a format for my group discussion.  Still, I was less than confident Tuesday morning when I introduced myself to the group members.  I was pleasantly surprised, then, when everything went smoothly.  I gave myself a pat on the back (okay, maybe two pats on the back) for a job well done.  It may be, however, that I just got lucky.  Sometimes you get a really good group of people who are extremely motivated and invested.  Everyone participates and members give each other feedback.  That makes my job easy.  I just throw out an idea, step back, and let the group do its own thing.

Tuesday's group was a good group.  Everybody contributed something and everyone was engaged.  So it could have been luck.  I guess time will tell...   


  1. I recently started working at an agency that is all group work and had no experience in this area. It's not bad though, because technically, the "group" leads and I just intervene if there is a situation that could put someone at risk. I LOVE it too because it allows me to be really creative (or not if I haven't had a lot of time to prep).


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