Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thoughts on creativity

I recently wrote a post on creative block.  One of my readers commented that he really enjoyed my thoughts on creativity and hoped I would write more about it.  I've done a little more reading on the subject and decided to share some of my thoughts.

There are a multitude of theories and perspectives on creativity and the creative process.  There are books, websites, lectures, podcasts, and DVD's dedicated to teaching others how to be more creative.  Creativity is obviously a quality our society values.  So how does a person jumpstart the creative process?

One website,, suggests that being present can make a person more creative.  When a person is fully present in each moment he becomes more aware of the world around him.  The more aware a person is the more he or she can take in.  When a person takes more in more possible sources of inspiration become available.

Interaction with other people also stimulates creativity.  Talking to others exposes us to new ideas; being with others exposes us to new experiences.  Both of these are potential sources of creative inspiration.

Ironically, creativity is not something that can be "created;" creativity is inspired.  A person can do things to make himself more open to the creative process but creativity cannot be forced.  It is something that arises spontaneously.  I find it interesting that improvesation is a technique used to encourage creativity.  I think this is very apt.  It seems like the best way to spark creativity is to NOT think and just see what emerges.


  1. "It seems like the best way to spark creativity is to NOT think and just see what emerges."

    Very difficult to accomplish, but well worth the process! I spend my every day attempting this... getting better ~ loving the journey.

    Great post.

  2. very well said! i agree with you especially on the part where you said that creativity is not something that is forced, but something that emerges out of inspiration.

    i go through the same thing. i produce better works when im inspired. although reading and research does help, my best works come from those moments where i am inspired.


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