Sunday, April 18, 2010

Simple pleasures

I wrote last week about feeling restless.  I've been working to combat this by trying to find simple things to take pleasure in.  I count as a success any two moments when I look at the clock and think, "Wow, I can't believe that much time has gone by."  For isn't that the meaning of living in the moment?  That is to say, aren't you really "living in the moment" when you get so caught up in it that you lose track of time?  Mindfulness means fully participating in the present moment.  You can't do that if you're constantly looking at the clock or if you're "there" but have a million other things on your mind.  You aren't really "participating" in the present moment when, for example, you are in the midst of an enjoyable experience and you think to yourself, "Aw man, I gotta go to work tomorrow."  You aren't really "present" when, for example, you are spending time with someone you love and worrying about the fact that you really don't spend enough time with that person.  How many of us live that way though?  I think most of us do, most of the time.  I simply aspire to stop living that way SOME of the time -- to be mindful as often as possible so I can be fully present in each moment.

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  1. I like the concept of "any two moments". We so often need to be perfect at something to even try. How about just a little bit? Can that be good enough?

    Thanks. :)


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