Saturday, April 10, 2010


Lately I've felt so restless.  What a feeling restlessness is!  One might think that of all the unpleasant emotions one could experience restlessness doesn't seem that bad.  I would disagree.  Restlessness is so disruptive.  It breeds discontent.  When you're restless it is impossible to enjoy whatever it is you are doing because you are so distracted by wanting it to be over.  When you're restless you cannot relax.  The word is exactly as it sounds -- you are without rest.  There is no peace when you're restless.  You are constantly yearning for something more -- something other than what is.  I think restlessness is the antithesis of mindfulness.  I imagine that the cure for restlessness is acceptance -- acceptance of whatever is in the present moment.  I have yet to find reprieve with this solution but I believe I will.  I just have to keep trying.


  1. "I imagine that the cure for restlessness is acceptance -- acceptance of whatever is in the present moment."

    IMO, we should be doing more than "accepting" the moment. We should be truly living in it... meaning enjoying every second. From this small post and your comment you left me, it sounds as if you're settling for less in your moment.

    Maybe you're feeling restlessness due to a lack of passion and excitement in that singular minute. For me, restless never finds me when I'm completely in love with my moment... it can't live in passion and fulfillment.

    I think if you keep looking for acceptance, you may miss the bigger, more precise answer. (Just my opinion).


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  3. It does rob you of the enjoyment you could be experiencing.

  4. lots of restlessness in my corner of the world too. i'm hanging with it, but don't have many answers right now.


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